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Golfing retreats for you and your partner or golfing friends to improve you game through hypnosis.
Secure your place now to join your fellow golf enthusiast in beautiful BALI for the experience of a lifetime.  You will enjoy playing on world class courses, superb accommodation, delicious food, celebrations of success and a spa treatment to relax your body and mind.

As well as utilisating Hypnotherapy with Penny Brenton to improve your golfing ability and enhance your performance from a subconscious perspective, we are also including the services of Greg Lewis, a AA rated PGA golf professional, who will be touring with us.  He will be available to answer your questions and demonstrate and guide you with helpful tips from the tee through to the green


You can retrain your golf brain – Tiger did it, so can you!

“Woods’ ability to produce peak performance by ‘willing myself into the zone’ is unprecedented. And at age 13, Tiger began mental training with Dr. Jay Brunza, a family friend and psychologist. Among the techniques Brunza used were subliminal tapes and hypnosis. ‘The first time Jay hypnotized Tiger, he had him stick his arm straight out and told him that it couldn’t be moved, ‘Earl [Tiger’s father] says. ‘I tried, but I couldn’t pull it down. [Tiger says hypnosis is] ‘Inherent in what I do now.’”

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Clear out the bunkers in your brain and be the type of golfer you are proud to be! Learn to hack the computer program of your brain and install an upgrade at our world class retreat

7 days, 6 nights staying in the enclaved gated community estate of the Novatel Resort Nusa Dua Bali in a Deluxe Room
(upgrades available)
Daily Buffet breakfast with western and international dishes
All transfers included
All evening meals and themed buffet nights included

Enjoy Golf

- 4 x Golf Hypnotherapy sessions
- 1 personal 1-on-1 golf hypnotherapy session
- 3 games at the Bali National Golf Club Nusa Dua*
- 1 game at the new Kuta Golf Club Uluwatu*
- Friendly in-group comp for Ladies and Men (Nearest to the Pin, Longest Drive, Best score handicapped) with prizes
- Every Par3 during the 4 games, a hole in one wins $100AUD


- 2 hour alcohol package (local beer and wine) at the Welcome and Farewell dinners
- 1 x 45 min day spa treatment per person per stay
- Wi-Fi throughout the resort
- Non-golf playing partners receive a 1 x 90 minute day spa treatment per golf day
- A free day to explore Bali - Swim, Shop Read!
- Free shuttle to the Bali Collection shopping center hourly
- Extra Late checkout at 6pm



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  • A strong mind is one of the key components that separates the great from the good

    Gary Player
  • You can win tournaments when your mechanical, but golf is a game of emotion and adjustment.  If your not aware of whats happening to your mind and body when playing you will never be able to be the very best you can be

    Jack Nichlaus
  • I was about 5 inches from being an outstanding golfer, the distance from my left ear to my right

    Ben Crenshaw
  • I practice visulisation, the clearer in your mind you can visualise the shot the greater the chance your body has of producing it

    Brad Byant
  • The zone is the ability to give 110% of your attention and focus to your shot

    Nick Price
  • The whole secret to mastering the game of golf, and this applies to the beginner as well as the pro, is to cultivate a mental approach that will enable you to shrug off the bad days

    Arnold Palmer
  • Of all the hazards, Fear is the worst

    Sam Snead



Improving your golf game is not only about concentration and overcoming obstacles in your mind.  Golf Hypnosis can be used to improve your form and technique as well.  When you study the game of golf and learn the techniques that are necessary to play an excellent game, you have the information that you need in your mind.

Hypnosis can help you utilise your learning, knowing and practice to make the corrections to your body, your mind and your thinking that will actually improve your game.
Hypnosis for improved golf performance can help you get past those external circumstances that divert your attention and keep your focus where you need it to be when you’re on the course.

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Meet the inspiring and transformational people who will be facilitating our retreats.  Driven by passion in their area of expertise each facilitator will drive you to be the best golfer you can be.

Rick Brenton

Tour Coordinator
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Penny Brenton

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Greg Lewis

AA Rated PGA Golf Coach
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Hi I’m Rick Brenton, I’m your tour co-coordinator on your Bali golf retreat. This golf retreat has been designed for all levels of golfers, male and female, from A grade club champions to casual social players. You can expect this retreat to be informative, lots of fun and as serious or relaxed as you desire. We offer you the opportunity to take home a new tool set to practice on your mind and swing techniques when you are next at the range or on the course.


Hi, I’m Penny Brenton,

I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Gestalt Psychotherapist working in private practice and I’m passionate about hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been used for centuries and can alter your conscious states to allow improvement in all areas of your life due to the neuroplasticity of your brain Neuroplasticity is the ability to grow new neural pathways;

This allows changes to take place within your brain that can support you as you make change by doing things differently. It can also allow for the ability to disconnect old neural pathways that impede change or growth.

Self limiting beliefs can inhibit your golf game unconsciously due to the neural pathways that support that old belief!

Hypnosis is a proven tool that can be helpful in changing the old outdated program that is holding you back, bringing more confidence and self belief into your game.

Looking forward to seeing you in beautiful Bali.


Hi I’m Greg Lewis,

I’m your on tour golf coach.

I have been a member of the PGA for some forty years, head professional at Toukley Golf Club for twenty eight years and head teaching professional for five years at Magenta Shores.

My professional life has been dedicated to teaching the game of golf to all levels of golfers, from beginners to professionals.

This is not only building a fundamental understanding of what’s required physically to play the game but also endeavoring to embrace the mental side of learning and improving.

Looking forward to seeing you in Bali and spending time with you in your pursuit of improvement of your game.